A dominant feature of Duchcov is a Baroque castle with 19th Century classical elements. The castle was built under the commission of Jan Bedřich Valdštein following the plans of the architect J.B. Mothey. It was built on the site of an older renaissance palace beloning to the Lobkovic family. In 1707 the castle was enlarged by adding two side annexes. From 1720, ongoing rennovations took pace at the castle, including the creation of a unique Baroque garden. The Classicist style of the façade dates back to 1812-1818. Later, a large park was also established.

The most interesting attraction from a visitor’s point of view is the fact that the world famous lover and seducer, G. Casanova lived and died at the castle. Casanova in fact spent the last 13 years of his life at Duchcov castle working as librarian for Count Josef Valdštein. Visitors can view Casanova’s bedroom and also the chair in which he died. Access is also granted to the main hall with the Valdštein family portraits, the ‘billiard annex’, servants quarters and a museum dedicated to Giacomo Casanova.

The interior decoration of the castle was done by the famous Baroque artist and sculptor, M.B. Braun and artist V.V. Reiner. Visitors can view and enjoy Baroque treasures including oil paintings and plastic art from the Prague National Gallery collection.