Nordic ski

Near to the Mikulov train station 12km from Duchcov there is a winter stadium for cross-country skiing suitable for beginners and racers as well. The tracks for racers (1km, 2km, 3km, 4km, 5km, 6km, 7km, 7.5km) and for non-professionals (2km, 5mk, 10km) lead from the stadium. They are linked to the main line going to Cínovec and Komáří pinnacle.

It is possible to digress from the main line to the less frequented tracks. These may be less known, but still they are placed in a beautiful countryside. Among the most beautiful is the area around Grünnwald and Cínovec moors. At both the laces you will find low-end tracks. For more information please visit:

Those who like cross-county skiing can go a bit further to the Klínovec skiing facility and head towards the Mračný hill, which is very close to Klínovec here you will find well- maintained tracks linked to the “White Track” of Krušné hory.

  • Blue track – 1,6km
  • Green track – 3,2km
  • Red track – 4,8km
  • Yellow track – 3,9km (for skating!)

The Klínovec skiing facility is also a great place for Nordic walking, because there are areas suitable for short lessons, areas for less strenuous walks as well as those for an endurance training.