The Duchcov surrounds offer a wide range of interesting activities. The following are ideas for an excursion:

The Dvojhradí manor house and park Mstišov

Outside Mstišov (which is today a part of the town Dubí) there is a lovely octagonal hunting-lodge Dvojhradí. Frantisek Clary-Adringen had it built in 1703 in Chinese style for his wife Tupperle. It acquired its current appearance in 1795 when it became a favourite excursion spot. At the same time the 17acre deer-field around it was renewed and opened to the public. Visitors can see deer, buck, , boars, pheasants, ducks or foxes and they are allowed to feed the animals with fodder, vegetables and so on. The animal feed is available for a voluntary fee on the spot.

Rýzmburk castle

A massive castle located 2km from the town of Osek, at the end of the Osek valley between the Špičák hill and the Stropník hill, is considered to be one of the largest castles in Bohemia. It is said only the Prague Castle surpasses it in size. It was 250m long and from 60m to 95m wide. It was built around 1250 in post-Classicist Gothic style at bidding of Boreš from Osek, court marshal to Václav I from the wealthy family of Hrabišic.

There are relatively well preserved ruins of outer walls, two round towers, square dwelling tower and palace.. Unfortunately due to reasons of safety, members of the public are not allowed access to the ruins as many of the stones are known to be unstable and this may cause serious injury.

You can get there by following the green tourist mark departing from the Osek square, going around the train station and memorial of the mining disaster, then turn to the right and take the asphalt way going up the hill to a small church in the village under the castle and from there continue going up the hill another 500m or so.

Komáří pinnacle

The Komáří pinnacle is 807m high and it is a dominant feature of the eastern Krušné hory ridge. There are many old tunnels under its surface and beneath the slope you can detect the remains of mining activities. In 1857 a restaurant with a quadrilateral view tower was built. When the weather is pleasant, you can even see the peaks of Krkonoše Mountains from this vantage point,not to mention the České středohoří. To get here we recommend going by chairlift from the town of Krupka The chairlift dates back to 1952 which makes it the oldest and longest chairlift without a divide station in the Czech Republic. It is 2.348m long and the journey up the hill takes about 15 minutes. It is often used by cyclists since it allows the transport of bikes.

There are a number of possibilities for descending the hill. The red sign heading westwards leads to the Cínovec border check-point with Germany. You can also take the blue sign to Dubí town. The red sign heading eastwards leads to Adolfov and Telenice town and, if you wish,then change to the green sign and go to Chlumec town. The yellow sign goes around the Kyšperk ruin and follows the “Doctor’s way” to Unčín town. You can end your trip at the holy shrine of Saint Mary Dolente on the Mariánské square in the town of Bohosudov. Here, it is possible to view some splendid interiors.